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Rome Airport - Rome Group Hotel (40 km)

Your enjoyable journey starts from the moment you land at Rome (FCO/CIA) airport. Airport pickup service: a foreign driver will pick you up according to your actual flight arrival time and send you back to the hotel to get rest.

Note: Today is a free activity day. You can choose to go to the hotel on your own or use the airport pickup service: €55 per person (calculated for a minimum of two persons).

Reference hotel: iH Hotels Roma Z3**** or similar
Lunch & Dinner: not included. Freedom of choice.

• "Trendy Food and Fun" Northern Italy 8 day: Min. 2 person, guaranteed departure. Complimentary gift: Cinque Terre train tickets! Visiting: Florence, Cinque Terre, Parma, Modena, San Marino, Rimini, Bologna, The Mall Shopping Village, San Gimignano, Siena, and Montecatini. Tour fee includes: Cinque Terre train tickets, 7 nights in three-four stars hotels with continental breakfast, sightseeing tours

PLEASE NOTE: To protect your right, Before booking, please read “the Booking Procedures“ and agree that before book the tour. Or contact us through for further information and the terms and conditions.

Our new Gtour series - Min. 2 person, guaranteed departure. Please carefully review the provided information and itinerary of our new Gtour series, as each tour offers a variety of group activities included in the tour fee. Before completing the application form, we recommend reading through all the enclosed details.


Rome Group Hotel - florence (280 km)

Capture the elegant posture of Florence to your heart's content! From the square of Michelangelo on the hill, you can enjoy the panoramic view of the beautiful scenery. Roaming the city's famous landmarks: Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore, the medieval arch bridge Ponte Vecchio over the Arno River, Basilica of Santa Croce where Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci, and the famous physicist Galileo are buried, after experiencing the charm and influence of the Renaissance, queue up at the 'Central Market' to taste the specialty snack: tripe sandwich. Don't miss the iconic SMN Pharmacy at the hundred-year-old monastery, which feels like a museum and an art gallery. Rub the bronze boar fountain: Fontana del Porcellino and make a wish to come back to Florence soon. For dinner, it's recommended to try the local specialty: Chianina beef charcoal-grilled steak. Accommodation: Florence nearby city.

Reference hotel: The Gate Hotel**** or similar. Breakfast: hotel's restaurant. Lunch & Dinner: not included, freedom of choice


florence - Cinque Terre - Pontremoli (205 km)

Scenic Tour destination: Free Cinque Terre Train Tickets! Tour participants can take the train and freely shuttle between the five small fishing villages, one of the most popular tourist destinations in Italy. The deep blue and beautiful seawater, set against the distinct cliffs and colorful houses, is truly a breathtaking sight. Along the Ligurian coastline, the colorful houses against the backdrop of the blue sky, white clouds, and turquoise sea weave a picturesque dreamlike scene. Please note: visitors entering the Cinque Terre must not wear flip-flops or sandals! Wearing flip-flops can easily cause injuries during hiking. The local government spends a lot of money rescuing injured tourists from the mountains every year, so there are fines imposed on tourists wearing flip-flops when entering the Cinque Terre. Please pay special attention to this regulation.
Accommodation: Nearby mountain town.

Reference Hotel: Albergo Roma***or similar. Breakfast: hotel's restaurant. Lunch & Dinner: not included, freedom of choice



Pontremoli - Parma - Modena (150 km)

A Day of Gastronomy and Shopping: Visit the Parma Ham Factory, a protected designation of origin product under the European Union, for a self-guided tour of the production process and explore the delicious secrets. Explore Parma city: its charming Renaissance-style architecture, seemingly casual yet meticulously crafted, is very eye-catching. In the afternoon, reach the 'Motor Valley' in Modena, named so because many famous Italian sports car manufacturers like Ferrari, Lamborghini, Pagani, and Maserati have their factories here. Ferrari enthusiasts can visit the Ferrari Museum in the city and purchase souvenirs related to supercars. For those who appreciate the Italian charm, take a leisurely stroll in the city – free time for activities – and also buy the local specialty, balsamic vinegar, along the way.

Reference Hotel: Hotel San Giovanni*** or similar. Breakfast: hotel's restaurant. Lunch & Dinner: not included, freedom of choice


Modena - San Marino - Rimini - Bologna (300 km)

The world's fifth smallest country, the country within a country, the Republic of San Marino, covers an area of only 61.2 square kilometers. It is completely surrounded by Italy, and its three hilltop fortresses served as the main defense barriers in ancient times. Today, let us explore this place and satisfy everyone's curiosity about this country. Rimini: a local holiday destination, with a 15-kilometer-long sandy beach along the Adriatic Sea, is the most famous attraction where visitors can relax on the paid beach chairs and enjoy the beautiful sea and sky views. The historic city center here, with its Romanesque and 18th-century most beautiful buildings and squares, is also loved by tourists. We will also take you to Rimini's market, where you can truly experience the Italian way of life.

Reference Hotel: Hotel San Giovanni*** or similar. Breakfast: hotel's restaurant. Lunch & Dinner: not included, freedom of choice


Bologna - Impruneta (114 km)

Bologna, the culinary capital, is the birthplace of the world-famous Bolognese sauce pasta. In the year 1088 AD, the world's first university, the University of Bologna (Università degli studi di Bologna), was founded here, renowned for its law and medical programs. You will walk in a city adorned with the most complete medieval towers in Italy, magnificent churches, and extensive porticoes, making it one of the most beautiful cities. Explore the essence of Italian cuisine: spanning 25 acres, it is an Italian culinary theme park with 7 themed areas, offering numerous attractions, many paid activities, and free performances, ensuring an eye-opening experience. Accommodation: Accommodation: Nearby mountain town.

Reference Hotel: Bellavista Impruneta*** or similar. Breakfast: hotel's restaurant. Lunch & Dinner: not included, freedom of choice


Impruneta - The Mall Outlet - San Gimignano - Siena (155 km)

The Mall Outlet Firenze, a shopping village featuring exquisite fashion brands, covers renowned Italian and international high-end fashion brands, including Gucci, Prada, Fendi, and Bottega Veneta. Here, not only old collections are sold, but even the recently out-of-season styles are available. Of course, the older the design, the bigger the discount! There are often additional discounts on seasonal items. Around noon, head to the City of Towers - San Gimignano, where the ancient city has a thriving business. It still retains 14 tall towers. Visiting here is not only about sightseeing but also trying the award-winning World Champion Gelato. Later, proceed to Siena, known for its characteristic Italian hilltown features: plenty of sloping stairs! Despite the ups and downs, the scenery is truly magnificent! Key attractions include the Piazza del Campo, known as one of the most beautiful squares, and the Siena Cathedral, which combines both Romanesque and Gothic architectural styles. Accommodation: nearby mountain town.

Reference Hotel: Agriturismo La Torre di Monsindoli*** or similar. Breakfast: hotel's restaurant. Lunch & Dinner: not included, freedom of choice


Siena - Montalcino - Rome (250 km)

Like in the movie Under the Tuscan Sun, the tour bus shuttles through vineyards and picturesque villages, allowing you to experience the rural life of the Tuscan people. Montalcino, one of the wine-producing areas in Italy, is the most prosperous homeland of red wine in Tuscany. The top red grape variety produced here, Brunello, translates to black beauty in the local dialect. In 1980, Montalcino's Brunello received the DOCG certification. To this day, Montalcino's Brunello has become one of the most precious varieties among Italian red wines. We will visit the city and local wineries, exploring the perfect blend of fine wine and scenic landscapes. After the tour, we will drive back to Rome. The tour ends at the Rome Tiburtina Railway Station around 18:30. (Transfer service designated date; can connect to "goEUgo " Green Line Group Hotel)

Breakfast: hotel's restaurant. Lunch & Dinner: not included, freedom of choice

1. NO accommodation is included on the last day of the tour. The arrival time at Rome is for reference only, and will be based on the actual traffic situation on that day. In case of delays, it is not disputable and does not constitute any grounds for compensation claims.
2. Roma Tiburtina railway station. Address: Piazzale della Stazione Tiburtina, 00162 Roma
3. Transfer service from the drop-off point to airport or to the Green Line group hotel - is available for an additional fee of 55 euros per person (based on a minimum of two people).

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